Buying the Right Dog Leash.

Buying the Right Dog Leash

While walking our dog is something that we plan for and do every day, buying a leash is not. We usually buy one or two and use them for a while. Leashes may seem like they are all the same, but each type is unique and the one you choose can make a big difference in you and your dog’s life. The goal of a leash is to control your dog, stop them from approaching strangers, train them, and to keep them from running off and possibly getting hurt. Here are a few different types of leashes and some tips on how to choose the right leash for your dog.

Standard Leash

The most common leash in the standard leash and you probably already have one in your home somewhere. They are perfect if you have a mid-sized puppy or adult. They also are pretty cheap, so they’re great as a basic leash to start with. The average length of this type of leash is 4-8 feet. It is usually available in either leather or nylon.

Chain Leash

If your dog has issues chewing or breaking leashes, chain leashes are the choice for you. The are obviously sturdy, making them good for larger dogs who may pull on their leash and break it. They also work on small dogs, but you should get a smaller chains for this. Even the strongest dog can’t tear through a chain leash, so if this is your biggest worry, pick up a chain leash today. One thing to watch for is if your dog chews on the chain. This can cause damage to their teeth if they do it excessively.

Retractable Leash

Another great option is a retractable leash. These allow you to maintain control while also being able to keep your dog up to 30 feet away. With a retractable leash, you can easily press a button to give your dog more or less length. You’re still in control and can easily reign in your dog if they get out of control.  Be sure to train your dog on a standard leash first because if they aren’t, you may have to pull on the leash often, which is uncomfortable for your dog.

Adjustable Leash

This is the middle ground of a standard and retractable leash. They can be adjusted to the length you would like, but they are a leather or nylon material. These work well for training and keeping them under control, and they allow you not to worry about choking or pulling.

Seatbelt Leash

If you are going on a road trip or drive with your dog often, a seatbelt leash should be on your packing list. These allow you to attach one end of the leash to your dog’s harness and the other end into the car seatbelt clip. Your dog will sit still and also be protected in any type of accident. It will also keep them under control if they are the type of dog that gets riled up in car rides.

What to Choose?

The number one factor in choosing a leash should be strength. It needs to be able to restrain your pet. Size, breed, and age should also be factors and discussed before you choose. Lastly, purchase two of whatever leash you decide on in case it breaks or your dog chews it.

These are important decisions, so take your time. Do your research and be sure to make an educated choice.