Dog Care

Keeping your dog cool.

Tips for Keeping your Dog Cool

We know summertime is the prime time for your pup to play outside, but it’s important to provide them with …

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Keeping your dogs paws off hot pavement.

Keeping Paws Off the Pavement this Summer

When summer rolls around, temperatures start to rise. Even though we love to spend days outdoors with our dogs in …

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Working out with your dog.

Workouts with Your Dog

Dogs can be the best workout partner. You already have to get them their exercise every day, so why not …

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Helping shelter dogs.

5 Things You Can Do To Help Shelter Dogs

With spring rolling around, you’re probably excited to start getting outside with your dog. The warm weather and change of …

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Giving your dog a massage.

Giving Your Dog a Massage

For us humans, getting a massage can be a very relaxing experience that we may do to treat ourselves. On …

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The importance of walking your dog.

Why Walking Your Dog is So Important

We all know how important it is to take your dog on their daily walks. It keeps them fit, happy, …

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