Dog Questions

How To Read Your Dog's Pedigree

How To Read Your Dog’s Pedigree

If you are interested in adding a purebred puppy to your family, the breeder should always provide his pedigree before …

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What are the Smartest Dog Breeds?

What Are the Smartest Dog Breeds?

How do you define a dog’s intelligence? To determine what makes a dog “smart” experts look at their instincts, obedience, …

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How to act around service dogs.

How to Act Around Service Dogs

If you’re a dog lover and dog owner, you probably have the urge to pet every dog you see. It …

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Why does my dog itch?

Why is My Dog Itching?

Your dog scratching or itching every once in a while is totally normal and common. It’s just something dogs do! …

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How to know if your dog is injured.

Knowing if Your Dog is Injured

Since us humans have the ability to speak, it is pretty easy for us to express to our friends and …

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why is my dog chewing

Why is My Dog Chewing?

Chewing is something that all puppies (and adult dogs) do. While it is normal for younger dogs to attempt to …

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