How to Keep Your Dog Entertained When the Weather is Bad

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained When the Weather is Bad

In those chilly winter months or rainy spring days, the last thing you want to do is go outside. But rain or shine, your dog is going to have plenty of energy that they’ll need to exercise off. Play-time is essential for your dog’s mental and physical health, so we have some tips for activities that you and your dog can enjoy while you’re stuck inside. Read on for some inspiration!

Tug of War

This age-old game of pure strength and determination is playful, engaging, and simple. All you need is a tough rope or an old t-shirt, yourself, and your energetic pup. This game may seem like an aggressive outlet for your dog, but quite the contrary! Tug of war teaches your dog self-control and to consistently respond to you, even when they’re amped up. It’s also a great way for them to exercise their chewing and pulling instincts.

Kong Toys

Kong toys are hollow toys made of rubber that are great for keeping our furry friends busy. Simply stuff the toy with peanut butter or your dog’s favorite treats, toss it over to your pup, and they’ll be busy for hours. Kongs usually don’t cause too much of a mess, and you don’t even have to be involved in your dog’s playtime. Simple, cheap, and extremely useful! Plus, these toys are a great mental puzzle for your dog to solve on their own, meaning they’re gaining something more than just the treats by playing with a Kong.

Learn a New Trick

One of the best ways to spend a rainy or cold winter day with your dog is to teach them a new trick. Teaching your dog will make you feel even more connected to them, and you’ll work on their obedience and patience in the process. Not sure if there are any extra tricks that you want to teach your dog? Go over the obedience lessons that they already know. This will help keep your dog sharp and up to speed on the lessons that they should already have some background knowledge on.

Go Shopping

If all else fails, retail therapy is always a good answer. Most dog stores like Petco allow dogs into their stores, but we recommend calling ahead of time to ensure that stores will allow your dog to enter. Your dog will love exploring all of the fun toys and treats in Petco, and you can pick out a special treat for them while you’re at it. After you shop til you drop, you can come home and take a nice nap together on the couch. Sounds like the perfect day to us!

Bad weather doesn’t have to mean a bad day. Use these ideas as inspiration for how to share a day indoors with your doggo.