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How Your Dog Can Help You Stay Sober During Dry January

How Your Dog Can Help You Stay Sober During Dry January

Have you heard of “Dry January” and want to give it a shot? Or maybe you just want to start being more conscious about your alcohol consumption or have considered being sober. Studies show that dogs help humans in many areas of their health like increasing exercise levels, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing cholesterol levels, so why not with our sobriety? Read on to find out how your canine companion can help you in your sobriety journey!

Dogs & Human Health

People that hold strong bonds with their pups have a better health history. It’s shown that these dog-owners have lower levels of stress, more happiness, and increased fitness in their everyday lives. Some of the best health benefits that have come from owning a dog include:

  • Increased socialization opportunity
  • Increased exercise (especially outdoors, which is good for getting Vitamin D)
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Reduced feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness
  • Decreased cholesterol levels
  • Decreased triglyceride levels

Now all of these benefits listed are excellent for your general well-being, but what about your health in staying sober? Sobriety is a daily task and effort for many people trying to kick the habit (or even addiction). But, there are ways your furry friend can help support you in your journey.


Dogs aren’t called companions for no reason. Dogs make the perfect sober companion as they can act as a distraction. Whether you want to get out of the house to do something fun or stay in and not be bored enough to be drawn to drinking, your dog is right by your side keeping you sober company!

Love & Support

Just like our friends and family, dogs provide us with unconditional love, and it may even be easier to be accepting of your dog’s support than anyone else right now. Your dog will never be disappointed in you or have to lecture you if you slip up, they are there to give their unwavering love, which is exactly what some people need when trying to stay sober.

Improving Relationships

Being sober can sometimes be isolating, especially when you only want people around you who support your efforts or are going through the same thing. Having your dog around will actually lead you to new situations and friends that share common interests, like loving dogs! Meet up with your dog’s BFF and their owner at the dog park for some much-needed distracting conversation.

Exercise Partner

Everyone knows dogs are great for improving your exercise. But don’t limit yourself to just being active while playing with them. Try exploring a new hiking trail, going biking, yoga, etc. with your dog! Working out releases endorphins in human brains which can be depleted when going through withdrawals or just feeling down in the dumps.

Inspiring You to Stay Sober

Dogs require a large responsibility, one you might not think you possess. Being sober is also a responsibility. Realizing you actively care for, love your dog, and take full responsibility for them will help your sober mentality!