Keeping your dogs paws off hot pavement.

Keeping Paws Off the Pavement this Summer

When summer rolls around, temperatures start to rise. Even though we love to spend days outdoors with our dogs in the summer weather, sometimes it can get too hot for our dogs to handle. On top of dehydration and overheating, our dogs are also at risk for another issue during the summer. When it is so hot out, pavement and concrete can get hotter and be painful for our dogs to walk on. It is important to take precautions and be educated about how to avoid this problem during these warm months. Here are some tips for staying safe with your furry friend!

When Do You Know If It’s Too Hot?

It is important to be able to identify when it is too hot to be walking outside or when their paws have been hurt.Walks on grass and dirt usually don’t hurt our pups, but when they start to walk on “man made” surfaces like metal, pavement, sidewalk, or asphalt, problems can arise. One easy test and rule of thumb is to put the back of your hand or your foot down on the pavement or sidewalk. If it is too hot for you to keep it there for more than 10 seconds, it is too hot. If you notice that your dog’s paws are darker, blistered, red, or damaged, they may suffered some sort of injury from the ground. Your pup could also be limping or avoiding walking, or even chewing/licking their paws if they are in pain from burned paws.

How to Treat Burned Paws

If you do notice these symptoms, it is important to treat your dog’s paws quickly. Bring your dog inside, even carrying them if they seem to be in a lot of pain. Flush their paws with cold water or take a cold cloth and apply pressure the bottom of the paw. Try to keep your dog from licking their paw, as this can cause more issues. Get into the vet quickly so they can check out the situation. Your dog may need pain medication or antibiotics if the burn is infected.

Avoiding Burns

Obviously the best way to avoid having to go to the vet for burns is to prevent them from the start. One way to do this is to change up the time you are taking your dog on walks. Instead of going in the middle of the day, try early in the morning or late at night. The ground will be cooled down to an extent and will be more enjoyable for your dog. If you must go during the day, try to keep your dog on the grass. Grass will always be a cooler option, so when you can stick to the grass. Another way to prevent is to get dog booties to protect their paws from the hot ground. They will also keep your dog’s paws protected from debris and chemicals.

Hopefully with these tips your dog stays happy and healthy this summer! Good luck!