Making your home dog friendly.

Making Your Home Dog Friendly

Posted Mar 30, 2018 in Tips

When you have a pet in your home, you often only think about all the great memories and happy times you have. But it also takes a bit of work to create a pet friendly and clean home. Dogs can be messy and it can be stressful trying to clean up all the fur and dirt that your dog may be leaving behind. Dealing with the messes dogs brings be can be one of the biggest concerns for future owners. It’s important to get into a routine to keep your house clean and make some chances in your everyday life to make sure your house is dog friendly. Here are some quick and easy tips to make your home perfect for your pup!

Find a Good Vacuum That You’ll Actually Use

Having a bad vacuum that doesn’t actually get up all the fur is very frustrating. It is much easier to actually clean when you have vacuum you can rely on. Do your research and purchase a quality vacuum that is going to get all the hair off your floor and furniture. Try your best to vacuum twice a week. It can be easy to just think it “looks” clean, but ultimately there’s probably a lot of dirt and hair that need to be picked up. Set a reminder on your phone or calendar. It helps it from building up and being a huge mess later.

Get Into a Good Grooming Routine

Another tip to help avoid having to clean so much is be proactive with your dog’s cleaning. If your dog is clean, then your house will be cleaner. When your dog is cleaner, your furniture, floors, rugs, etc. will not need to be cleaned as much. Be sure to keep their nails are trimmed, their fur’s brushed often, and give them regular baths. Their hair will be less likely to shed and dirty your home if their well-groomed.

Find Fabrics You Can Wash

You may or may not let your dog up on the couch. If you do, you probably get irritated with how much you have to clean your couch, such as vacuuming up hair or cleaning up slobber.  When this is the case, try to put easily washable blankets and sheets on your bed. These are much easier to clean since you can just throw them in the washer and dryer, rather than spot cleaning your expensive couch. Find some dog-friendly blankets to drape over the couch where your dog lays.

Purchase the Right Furniture

If you’re currently decorating your home and looking for furniture that is going to withstand your dog, there are a few things to keep in mind. Choose the right fabric for furniture your dog will be near often. This means stain resistant, sturdy fabrics, such as suedes and twills, that are made to be strong against odors and bacteria. Leather or pleather is also a good choice that will only have to deal with scratches. Another thing to keep in mind is matching the colors to your pet’s fur. This is a practical choice because it hides fur, but can also be aesthetically pleasing. Even if you don’t match exactly, try to avoid stark contrasts, like a white rug that your black lab will shed all over.

Make Your Animal Their Space

If you have room in your home, give your animal a space just for them and their stuff. The best place to put this special space is near the front door or door that they enter and leave through the most. Make it a place where they know they can go to get their food or water or a toy. It keeps your home clean and organized, but it also lets your dog have a room of their own.

Keeping your home dog friendly is extremely important, and it can be simple when you implement a routine and a few extra steps! Good luck!

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