Spring cleaning your dog loving home.

Spring Cleaning Your Dog Loving Home

Posted Mar 1, 2018 in News

No matter how much we love our dogs, we can’t deny the obvious- sometimes they can make a mess. From their fur getting on every surface in your home to the dirt they may bring into the house, our pups unfortunately can’t help that they can sometimes be a little dirty.  With spring right around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to get cleaning and start fixing up some of these messes as a part of our spring cleaning routine. Not only can we be retroactive and clean up any messes our pup may make, but we can also be proactive and try to prevent some of the things they may do. We can’t prevent everything, but here are some tips to help you with spring cleaning for your pup-filled home!

Clean Off Their Paws

This is a key tip to being proactive and preventing a disaster that you’ll have the spend time cleaning up later. Spring time also means rain showers which in turn means mud. When your dog runs around to get some exercise or go to the bathroom, they may bring in some of that mud. You don’t want your dog dragging all that mud across your floors or carpets. So be sure to wipe off their paws after they come in from a messy trip. Leave a towel right by the door (or you can use doggie paw wipes/baby wipes) and put a mat down that can be their spot to get cleaned. You can also put a shallow pan near the door to actually rise their paws if the mud/dirt is bad enough.

Get Rid of the Smell

There is really nothing you can do to prevent your dog getting smelly. That is just a part of life. But you can be sure you are doing things to keep the odor in check. Make sure you’re bathing them regularly and try wipe-on products that will absorb odor for the time being, before you can bathe. As for carpets or cars, try powders that absorb and neutralize any pet odors.

Keep the Fur In Check

Another proactive step you can take to avoid fur getting everywhere is to be sure you are regularly brushing your dog. Grooming is key to keeping your dog’s fur situation in check. Whether you want to do this yourself or bring them to a professional groomer, be sure they are getting a haircut regularly. This keeps from dog hair building up all over your house, leaving you to clean mass amounts later on.

Vacuum and Clean Fur

While you can take the step above to prevent shedding, hair will still ultimately end up places. Invest in a vacuum that is high quality and will be able to handle all that dog hair. Look into other hand-held technologies that make it easy to clean couches or other furniture. You can also try the rubber glove method, where you put on a rubber glove, wet the glove, and run your hand along curtains, fabrics, etc. The hair will clump together and come right up! If your dog is a particularly heavy shedder, consider getting covers or putting a blanket in places they spend a lot of time. Then you can just throw this in the wash every once in a while.

Hopefully you now have a plan for cleaning your house for the quickly approaching spring season. Remember to clean up messes right after they happen to avoid issues later on! Good luck cleaning!

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