The Ways Dogs Show You Love

The Ways Dogs Show You Love

As dog owners, we often wish we could read our furry family members’ minds to know when they’re happy, sad, and everything in between. While we think we know our dogs well enough to know when they’re showing us love, how accurate are we? Our dogs express their love for us in many surprising ways. Read on to learn about the many ways that our dogs show their love.


Pet parents can attest that nose nuzzling is one of the cutest ways that dogs show affection. If your dog approaches you and nudges you with their snout, it’s a sign that they love you and want you to show them some love in return. Nuzzling is a way for dogs to get attention, so rub them down and give them some kisses if they ever nuzzle you.


Just as we kiss people we love, dogs love giving big, sloppy licks to show their affection for us. While licking can be sticky and messy, it’s an adorable demonstration of love. Licking may also be your dog’s way of communicating their respect for you, so if your pup’s licking gets out of control, you can rest assured that it’s either because they love you, respect you, or both!

Making Eye Contact

No matter the animal or breed, making eye contact is an intense and intimate act. Dogs use it to show their trust and affection, and if they’re constantly staring you down, it means they’re attached to you. Dogs’ brains release oxytocin when they look at us, and ours do the same when we look at them. This helps us feel connected to our furry friends, who love catching our gaze.


Although jumping can be one of the most annoying signs of affection, dogs genuinely jump playfully on to people to show their enthusiasm and fondness of them. If your dog always seems to be bouncing around you, it’s probably a sign that they love you. Jumping can be maladaptive and frightening for people who don’t know your dog’s love language like you do, so if necessary, you may want to seek out some training to help your dog express their love in less destructive ways.


Remember those trust fall games that we used to play when we were younger? Leaning is somewhat similar. If your dog approaches you and leans their full weight on you, they trust and love you. Think of it like a big bear hug from your dog! While some leaning may indicate anxiety, most of the time, your dog is simply looking for some reassurance that you’re there for them to – literally and figuratively – lean on.

Every dog is different, but these are some of the ways that dogs show their love for us humans. Pay attention to the little signs and over time, you’ll gain a better understanding of your dog.