Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Having a dog at home with you is a wonderful and amazing thing. A dog is a human’s best friend, and they bring us a variety of joys, such a playmate, cooking buddy, or just someone to lounge around. Even with all these perks, one of the main reasons people are deterred from getting a dog is they feel they won’t be home enough to take care of their pup – which is a valid concern. Many people don’t always have the time to take care of their pups. But there are ways you can make it work. There are plenty of options, including doggie day care or walkers, but it can add up if you do that every day. Here are some tips on how to leave your pup at work while you’re out at work or busy during the day and how to give them a happy and fulfilled life.

Water and Food

The most basic necessity to keep our dogs happy at home is to provide them food and water for the day. Be sure to find nutritious, tasty food that is the proper type for their breed, age, activity level, etc. Leave this food and water out in accessible areas so they can roam and eat as they need. If you decide that your dog does best in a crate, be sure the crate as room for their water and food bowls.

Keep Them Active

One issue of keeping our dogs at home alone is keeping them out of trouble. Often when dogs get bored or don’t have proper mental stimulation, they get bored and find their own “entertainment” such as chewing shoes or digging through trash. So to avoid this, we need to give them other ways to stay busy. One way to do this is leave the TV on so they can watch and be distracted every once in a while. You can also leave the blinds open so they get to see anything happening outside (other dogs, people, etc.)

Some other options to keep them occupied is to get special treats and toys. Toys that have treats inside them (such as the Kong) will make them work hard to get to the food, therefore keeping them busy. You can get puzzle games or other interactive toys that challenge your dog’s mind and keep them active all day.

Solve the Bathroom Issue

One of the major concerns of leaving your pup at home is bathroom breaks. Instead use something like pee pads or grass pads as a designated spot in your home for bathroom time.

Schedule Walks Before Hand

Before you go to work, be sure to take your dog on a walk or provide them some sort of exercise. Playing fetch or getting in a decent workout will help them get their energy out before they’re inside all day. You want to get them somewhat drained so they’re not hyper active or too energetic when they’re home alone, therefore leading them to destroy the home.

Dog Monitors

Dog monitors are a great way to keep an eye on your pup in a fun way and for safety. Usually you can set up these devices on your phone or tablet, so you can easily check in on your dog every once in a while when you’re at work. Some of the even dispense treats or allow you to play games with your dog too, adding another level of interactivity. Many also have two way audio and video so you can see hi to your dog if they seem stressed or anxious, you can check in.

Hopefully these tips help you and your pup feel more at ease while at home during the day.