The importance of walking your dog.

Why Walking Your Dog is So Important

We all know how important it is to take your dog on their daily walks. It keeps them fit, happy, and behaviorally in check. But did you know much it helps you as well? Walking your dog not only has dozens of benefits for your dog, but it also can benefit your own life greatly, including your health and happiness! So next time you’re feeling too tired to take your dog around the block, remember some of these facts about dog walking!

Bond With Your Dog

If you work full time or are out of the home during the day, your dog misses you dearly and wants to spend time with you. Having scheduled walks in the morning and evening allow you to have blocked off time that’s just between you and your dog. It gives quality time that strengthens your bond. The bond you have is about more than just how much you love them- it also adds to their behavioral issues. If your bond is strong, your dog will have trust and be more obedient to you.


As all dog owners know, having a cute dog brings a lot of attention. Taking your dog on walks allows your dog to not only get to meet new dogs and people, but it gets you socializing as well. Together you and your dog can work on your social skills, as well as enjoying the environment around you. Go to new places and experience new things together. You and your dog will love doing to this fun activity as a duo.

Physical Health

Walking your dog is also huge in improving your physical health. When you’re walking your dog, you might not think it, but you’re exercising! Walking 20-30 minutes a day keeps you fit and in shape, and the same goes for your dog. Beyond just your weight, having a dog is proven to help you live longer. In a study on adults over 60, those who have a pup and walk them are shown to live longer. Dog owners and walkers have a lower body mass index, better overall health, and less visits to the doctor.

Mental Health

Lastly, walking your dog betters you and your dog’s mental health. When you take your dog for a walk, the exercise and doggie-time betters your mood. It also keeps your dog happy and their behavior in check. When you’re walking with your dog, it can decrease feelings of loneliness and in general can keep your spirits higher.

Dogs have so much power to give us better lives! So they deserve to get as much as we can give. Be sure you’re always taking your dog on their walks and really taking the time to enjoy them!