Working out with your dog.

Workouts with Your Dog

Posted Apr 12, 2018 in Dog Care

Dogs can be the best workout partner. You already have to get them their exercise every day, so why not join them? They are always motivated to go with you, will never back out, and will keep you excited about your workout. It has even been proven that people with dogs are more likely to get the recommended amount of exercise every week. While you’re probably already walking your dog, there is more that you can do. Here are some fun and new workout that are perfect to do with your pup.


Running isn’t exactly fun or new, but it may be something you haven’t been doing. But dogs do love to run and can get in the routine of doing so. Be sure you are reading your dogs body language to see if they’re too tired. Your pooch is in better shape than you think, so they should be able to keep up, depending on the breed. Just be careful in hot weather and be sure they’re hydrated.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is a new activity that dog owners everywhere are trying with their pups. It is pretty simple to do, but does require you to workout your abs and legs. When you’re first trying this, make sure the water you’re going to is very calm. You can also start on your knees if you’re struggling to stand up. Be sure your pup has a life jacket in case you both fall in, which is bound to happen on the first couple tries.


Biking and cycling is another great option for a workout with your pup. It is especially great if you’re dog has lots of energy, but you don’t really like to run. You’ll get to cycle when they get to full on run. If your pup is easily distracted, you can get a device that attaches to your bike frame and will absorb any tugs. This will get you and your pup burning lots of calories.


Rollerblading will take you back to your childhood, but also is another great way to stay active with your pup. If this is a skill that comes naturally to you, go for if. If not, you will want to practice a bit without your dog first. You should also try to stick to parks or other low traffic areas, before you hit the sidewalks and streets. You’ll get to work your core while also giving your pup the chance to get out their energy.

Dog Yoga

Dog yoga, or doga, is a very real activity that is spreading all across the country. Just as you love to stretch and work on your flexibility, so does your dog. Their bodies are also really naturally made for it. Just think about the names of some positions- downward dog sound familiar? Doga is a great way to bond with your pet and be in close contact, which help your check for any health issues.


Many dogs, specifically herding breeds, love to play soccer or a version of it. They sell specific balls just for dogs that are resistant to their sharp teeth. Your dog can learn how to kick or dribble, whether it’s with their paws or nose. You can get involved by playing keep away or kicking the ball far and racing to get it. This is a fun and different way to play with a new toy and strengthen some of your dog’s skills.

Anything you do, your dog is going to love it. Have fun trying something new!

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