Jaime S.

Sit Means Sit has been a game changer for our golden doodle, Louis. We started his training at 5 months old, and now, at almost 14 months, he’s a very well-behaved pup. As owners we benefit greatly from the staffs expertise. The spacious yard for playdates is Louis’ favorite. The trainers’ dedication and personalized approach make it all worth it! Louis loves his weekly training sessions, and his connection with the staff is heartwarming.

Lenae S.

Sit Means Sit has been an excellent choice for our Mini Australian Shepherd puppy, Ginger. By nature, she is extremely intelligent, and the staff and trainers at SMS helped her channel her energy into productive behaviors. We saw her learning immediately. She loves going there for not only training, but day care as well as boarding. We are so happy with everyone on staff at SMS and glad we chose them. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for dog training or day care/boarding. Going to SMS is Ginger’s favorite day!

Amy G.

All staff members at Sit Means Sit are great!! They are friendly and always go the extra mile. When my dog is there I never worry have to worry about him. Thank you for all you do!

Dennis G.

Rex likes going to stay there, when my wife and me have to leave town. They send me pupdates (updates) on how Rex is doing everyday. We truly trust them with Rex. Thank you.


We recently boarded our pups with the Sit Means Sit team while we made a business trip out of the country. We were so pleased to get the every day “pupdates” and the daily pics of each of them during their playtime. (Our pups didn’t want to leave!) We highly recommend Sit Means Sit and will definitely be using their services again soon!

Michelle V.

I absolutely love Sit Means Sit in College Station. Every staff member I’ve met has taken such good care of my dog, who isn’t easy to manage. I’ve gone through their training, their daycare, and have recently left him for 4 nights. Thank you so much Sit Means Sit! Shout out to Hunter!

Shawn M.

Great staff and environment foe our pups. We saw a difference in our dogs behavior very quickly

Tiffany B.

This is one of the best places I’ve been for training! They even board! My sweet Harley is comfortable there & enjoys working! He’s gone from absolutely no manners to manners & being a lot more calm! The staff are awesome! Even more awesome because they know I’m a single mom of 2 special needs children that do have to come along sometimes. I praise them for their patience with not just my dog but my kids as well, especially my 2 year old. He’s the most challenging.

Brian H.

The excellent staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. It’s been a joy to see our puppy’s transformation. The group classes are fantastic for learning to focus around other people and dogs. After class playtime is great for socializing with other dogs.

Han J.

They are literally fantastic. They knew my name and my puppy’s name even before I arrived there. Also, they are super kind and professional. Definitely, will visit here again.

Mike R.

We recently moved to the CSB area and found SMS. Our 175 lb Boerboel, Duke, does not always play will with others and requires dog trainers that know what they are doing…he is 175 lbs. SMS has been AWESOME. The staff took the time to get to know Duke, speak with our previous kennel…and had Duke safely meeting doggie friends on his first day care visit. SMS is absolutely AWESOME and Duke loves hanging out there and meeting dog buddies.

Lisa L.

We loved working with Sit Means Sit! Our dog Rowdy, a very excitable Belgian Malinois, had failed out of TWO other training programs that relied on clickers and treats. After our free consultation with Tyler we couldn’t wait to begin training. We were skeptical about leaving our beloved dog for two weeks but the Sit Means Sit staff put us at ease and kept us up to date on his training and made sure to send pictures of all the neat field trips Rowdy went on! We were never able to bring him on walks, go to dog parks or do any of those fun things with our pup. After our two week Board and Train Rowdy is a completely different dog, we can confidently go on walks without worrying he is going to pull us down the road. Sit Means Sit has opened so many doors for us and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about the outcome of our dog!

Shannon H.

We took our two pitbulls to Sit Means Sit for training. Sit Means Sit did a wonderful job training our dogs. Kileaux was always easily distracted and Nikita was a rambunctious puppy. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful in teaching us how to work with our dogs on continued training.

It is hard to find companies that will work with pitbull puppies, let alone full grown 115+ lb pitbulls. However, Sit Means Sit never failed to make my dogs feel loved and welcomed – which was an added bonus to the amazing quality of training we received. I will absolutely be referring Sit Means Sit to friends and family!

Nikki E.

Sit Means Sit’s training program has seriously been one of the best investments I have ever made. I picked my dog, Biggie, up last week and the changes in her behavior and previous aggression have been unbelievable! She’s a better listener, less territorial, and just an all around better behaved and happier dog!

My dog has been able to get off of her very strong anti-anxiety medication and live a better life because of the trainers at Sit Means Sit. Her quality of life, as well as mine and that of my family’s is infinitely better and for that I will be forever grateful!

Thank you Sit Means Sit for changing Biggie’s life! She looks forward to more group training and I will recommend y’all to everyone I know!

Kevin E.

Leaving my Gunner was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. Sit Means Sit is a God send. My boy was constantly in trouble due to his stubborn behavior (chewing, climbing, jumping and selective hearing etc…) and my complete lack of knowledge in how to train him was causing problems between us and even effecting the relationship with others in our home. The people at Sit Means Sit were very reassuring, very comforting, very understanding and easy to get a hold of. I got him back tonight and I can definitely see the difference. It’s almost like he’s a different dog – in a good way!. I feel very comfortable with leaving him believe that their training programs are rooted in a deep love animals and a heartfelt desire to improve their lives. They even trained me on what they’ve done thus far and reassured me they’ll be there if/when I need them. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them and am grateful for what they’ve accomplished for Gunner, me and my family.

Lorin C.

I cannot say enough good things about Sit Means Sit. The staff is very professional. My family and my dog love Sevanna. We have learned so much about how to really get the most enjoyment out of our dog. We’re looking forward to having him board there this summer at which time he will receive more intensive training while we are away. Also, the trainers are extremely accommodating and have met us away from their site so that we can work with our dog in real-world settings like our home and dog-friendly public places.

Christa D.

I joined SMS back in November, and waited a few months to review so that I could grow a full and honest opinion. This place is awesome, and I can give so many different reasons why. For starters, my dog was COMPLETELY out of control, to say the least. He is a lab-husky who I got at 7 months, and came with terrible habits from being raised in a poor environment. Trash digging, furniture chewing, carpet digging, running away, pooping in the house… the list goes on, and these are just some of the issues that came with him.

He did his initial training back in November, and while he did not come back a changed dog, he came back with his terrible habits curbed, he gained the skill of being able to listen and learn to learn, and he continues to get better everyday that goes by. What you pay for is not simply just a two week training camp with an e-collar. You are paying for a lifetime membership with a community of dog-lovers that strive to help both you and your pet grow together in the best way possible. With the initial cost, unlimited group classes are included for life. This means at any of their locations, whether it be here in College Station, or if you move across states to a new area. You are a permanent member of this community and they have several group classes weekly to help keep your pets new-learned skills in line, as well as help you to continue to curb bad habits and learn new skills and tricks. Additionally with the cost comes 3 private lessons at whatever location you please, which is perfect for addressing specific issues, like issues with the dog and the cat, for example.

Every dollar I have spent has already paid off, and it’s only been a few months. The staff here is amazing too. They are very polite, respond promptly to emails, and always work with your schedule to try and help with classes and last-minute boarding. They create a relationship with your pet as well, which is obvious when you attend class and see how your dog interacts with the trainers. To address the commenter who said the boarding was a rip off – You aren’t paying 15$ for play time because your dog is trapped in a kennel all day. They let the dogs out routinely, make sure they stretch their legs and get fresh food and water. The additional services they charge you for are optional “perks” if you want to treat your dog. They take very good care of the dogs here, and every time my dog Kirby comes home from a day or weekend boarding with them, even when I don’t pay for the extra-curricular stuff, he comes home exhausted and ready for a nap – something very unlike the husky in him.

Training dogs is not an overnight miracle, or even fixed perfectly over the span of a couple weeks. It’s a process that continues and needs to be maintained, and Sit Means Sit helps you to understand that process and guide you along the way. They train your dogs in the training sessions, but they train you how to train your dog as well. I would recommend this place to anybody and everybody who feels their pet needs special attention, wants their dog to be extremely obedient, or who simply wants to invest in a life-long relationship that goes beyond just the initial training.

I’m a full-time college student who works as well, and my dog was so out of control it would stress me out to the point I couldn’t go to class and had to quit my old job. Since then, I have been able to get my life back in routine along with adjusting Kirby to that routine as well. Before this training, he would be insane all the time, but he is laying down by me calmly as I write this since he has learned to adjust. As many of us college students struggle with money and time management, every cent I spent on this training was most definitely worth it.