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Alexis S.

Alexis S.

Office Manager

Howdy! My name’s Alexis and I’m your go to person for anything SMS! From daycare and boarding, to training and scheduling – I’ll be there to help you! My journey with animal care started from a young age & my love for animals hasn’t stopped! I am a TAMU Biology student c/o 2024, working towards my Veterinary Technician license, & have worked with animals of all species, breeds, ages, & temperaments while loving them all equally! I am always working to improve myself & my pups as we work towards our goals together.

Speaking of, you might catch a glimpse of my two fur babies around the facility! They are the perfect example of the good training can do for things ranging all the way from dog reactivity/selectivity, & grooming reactivity. Athena, a senior rescue pitbull mix with a peg leg will greet you with tons of kisses! Don’t let her limp make you feel sorry, she doesn’t let it slow her down one bit. Her little brother, Ludo, is a crazy haired mutt who is always ready to do a few tricks for some treats. He’s come a long way since being rescued & having grooming anxiety & reactivity behaviors to now getting excited & sitting calmly while he gets his hair dyed fun colors!

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