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Blue Lacy: The Official Dog Breed of Texas

Designated as Texas’s official dog breed in 2005, Blue Lacy reigns supreme in the Lone Star state! While the Blue Lacy hasn’t branched too much out of Texas, they’re gaining national popularity! Between their intelligent personalities and never-ending energy, there’s no question why this breed is highly talked about lately. Originally bred in the 1800s to aid in ranch work, the Blue Lacy lives to herd, hunt, and help! Keep reading this article to learn more about Texas’s Blue Lacy and how great they are!

Breeds Facts

  • Average Height: 18-21 inches
  • Average Weight: 35-50 pounds
  • Lifespan: 12 to 16 years
  • Coat Colors: Blue, gray, cream, multi, red, silver
  • Breed Group: Working Dogs


As previously mentioned, Blue Lacys are packed with intelligent minds and lots of vibrant energy, so it’s essential for their parents to keep them busy, or that energy can be used to destroy your new landscaping. Cooped-up dogs tend to act out in various damaging ways around the home; therefore, dog owners with high-energy pets must keep them mentally and physically stimulated. This breed is applauded for its adaptability to training and quick obedience skills; however, they prefer strong, positive training rather than yelling or punishment.

Temperament/Physical Activity

Training your Blue Lacy is essential to their adapting skills; unsocialized dogs will be nippy and standoffish to strangers. They are fantastic family dogs if you properly train and socialize your Blue Lacy! They are devoted watchdogs, spending hours on the playground keeping an eye on their little humans, and they can always keep up with their great activity! Blue Lacies are incredibly pleasant, peaceful family members once they have used their vibrant energy.


The Blue Lacy is generally healthy; the only concerns are typical, age-inducing health conditions. Like all canines, they’re at risk for hip dysplasia, joint pain, or hypothyroidism from high-energy activity and exercise. Moreover, Blue Lacy requires minimal grooming, as they shed their undercoat depending on the season. Weekly brushing and monthly nail maintenance appointments manage their shedding and appearance.

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