The Most Popular Game of Thrones Inspired Dog Names

The Most Popular Game of Thrones Inspired Dog Names

The Game of Thrones series has become one of the World’s most popular series. With its season finale expected to attract more than 16.5 million viewers, it’s no wonder why the show has started to influence many parts of our daily lives. Clothing lines, Monopoly, dishware, and even Oreos have promoted advertisements with Game of Throne themes involved. It’s no wonder why it also is influencing dog names. Here are some of the most popular.

Direwolves & the Stark Children

The dogs that play these wolves on the hit HBO series are actually a Northern Inuit breed. Many Game of Thrones fans have even started to adopt the breed just because it’s on the show. Here are the Direwolves names and their owners to get a bit of inspiration.

  • Ghost / Jon Snow
  • Lady / Sansa
  • Greywind / Robb
  • Nymeria / Arya
  • Summer / Bran
  • Shaggydog / Rickon

The Overall Top 12 Game of Thrones Dog Names

  1. Arya coming in number one shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone
  2. Khaleesi came in a close second
  3. Sansa
  4. Jon Snow
  5. Tyrion
  6. Hodor
  7. Cersei
  8. Bran
  9. Bienne
  10. Joffrey
  11. Mountain
  12. Khal Drogo

Interesting enough none of the direwolve’s names made the cut. Whatever you decide to name your pup get ready to curl up with them on the couch as you watch this immensely popular series finale.