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Apartment Living Tips with Dogs

Apartment Living Tips with Dogs

Living in an apartment doesn’t make being a pet parent very easy. But with patience and the proper knowledge ahead of time you and your dog will be able to quickly adapt to the new circumstances.

Exercise is Key

Many of the problems of having a dog in your apartment stem from the lack of activity they’re receiving. If your dog doesn’t have a proper outlet for their energy, they’re going to take it out in the worst ways. To avoid your house becoming a mess or anything of yours getting destroyed you should aim for at least two walks a day. Allowing your furry friend to run around the dog park would be even better.

Know the best Breeds

Despite what many may think size doesn’t necessarily decipher whether or not a dog will do well in an apartment. What matters most is a dog’s need to chew and release an ample amount of energy that you’ll want to look out for. Depending on what breed you have will decipher whether or not your dog is fir for a small environment. Some large dogs are wonderful with lounging around all day. While on the other hand there are some small dogs that will rip a room apart if they don’t get in at least two walks a day every day.

Desensitize your canine

With living in an apartment comes strange noises and various people walking around. All that can make your pup anxious and annoyed. Because of this, your furry friend is more likely to act out by destroying things or barking nonstop. To help get your dog used to this kind of environment you’ll want to try to introduce them to as many people in the area as possible. This can be done while going on your walks or during a quick poddy break. Be patient and allow your pup a bit of extra time to normalize the extra noise. If the issue continues, try taking them to an obedience class where they can be trained to ignore it.

If possible aim for the first floor

A dog, especially a puppy, will need to be making frequent trips outside to go to the bathroom. Having an apartment on the first floor will make these trips much more manageable. This will also help in continuing regular exercise with your dog since you won’t be as constricted as you would on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floor. Your furry friend’s bladder will also appreciate the quick and easy access outside.

It may be extra work, but your canine companion will be much happier and healthier with all the extra work you put in.