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Do Dogs Miss Their Friends?

Do Dogs Miss Their Friends?

Have you ever wondered if your dog misses another dog? Maybe his brother or sister passed away or he lost a human companion. Some dogs show signs of sadness, while others may display symptoms of negative behavior, and some may not show any sign of emotional suffering at all.

Why is a Dog Mourning?

A dog that experiences any kind of major change, such as the introduction of a new child or a home move can show signs of depression, says Dr. Christopher Pachel, a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist.

When a closely bonded dog loses a member of the family, whether it’s another dog in the household or a human companion, the physical signs of depression can show.

Signs Your Dog is Mourning

A loss in appetite, lowered water intake, sluggish response to humans and other pets, a loss of interest in play, and even a mournful howl. The symptoms can increase gradually over weeks or months.

Showing patience and understanding to a pet in mourning can help an anguished dog cope. Maintaining a normal routine for your pet is the best way to help with the transitional process.

So yes, dog’s do mourn and they do miss their friends. Have you had a mourning dog before? We would love to hear your story.